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Cateye Cycling™


CATEYE Cycling™ App for Android. This app works with Bluetooth SMART sensors or can be used directly with a smartphone to measure and record ride data/route information, and upload this data to the CatEyeAtlas™, Strava™ and TrainingPeaks™ sites.Mirror Mode and call/email alert features can be used to enhance your riding experience when Cateye Cycling™ is paired with a CATEYE smart computer.In Mirror Mode, data from the smartphone is sent to the CATEYE smart computer where it can be viewed. Phone call and email alert icons are also displayed. The smart computer can work with Bluetooth SMART Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate and Power sensors in this mode. When smartphone use is not an option, Sensor Direct Mode can be used as a backup. This mode syncs the smart computer directly with the Bluetooth SMART Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate or Power sensor.Other features include smart set-up (configuration of various smart computer settings, automatic clock adjustment), display customization, automatic clock adjustment, and importing of a summary of ride data in Sensor Direct Mode.System requirement ・Android 4.4 - 6.x ・Bluetooth 4.0[Note] We can not guarantee that all devices will work properly even though they meet the system requirement.
Recommended DevicesGoogle ・Nexus 5 ・Nexus 6 ・Nexus 5X
SONY ・Xperia Z1 ・Xperia Z1f ・Xperia Z2 ・Xperia ZL2 ・Xperia Z3 ・Xperia Z3 Compact ・Xperia Z4 ・Xperia X Performance
HTC ・HTC One (M8)
LG ・G4 (isai vivid LGV32)
SAMSUNG ・Galaxy J ・Galaxy Note II ・Galaxy S III α ・Galaxy S6 edge ・Galaxy S7 edge
* Only Galaxy Note II was confirmed to work with Android 4.3.* Please visit for a complete list of all applicable devices.
[Note] These devices were confirmed to work, however, we do not guarantee the App will work properly with these from any production lot or running in any conditions.